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As an Australian of Vietnamese Heritage, my family grew up with a love of food and produce. Nothing in our garden was grown unless it was beneficial. The fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit trees in our backyard grew naturally and abundantly without chemical interference. The knowledge of growing fresh produce and the appreciation of great food; was the seed that created Think Feel Thrive.

Along the way we had 2 beautiful children. My eldest developed auto-immune issues after birth and has been battling the symptoms ever since. This has really driven our family to learn from experts around the world about what is “True Health”. Our understanding is that nutrition, environment and mindset are all factors that influence our health. Immersing myself in the area of autoimmune disorders, has allowed me to gain knowledge in this area, to help my daughter through her healing journey, and also to help my family Thrive!

When blessed with knowledge, I feel obligated in my heart, to share with anyone ways to improve their health, quality of life and that of their family. Think Feel Thrive was developed to share the absolute best quality and most powerful organic and natural products I have sourced from all over the world. I have a unshakable conviction that Nutrition is our Medicine, but it should also taste great! So enjoy my recipes, share them with your family and friends!

The mindset behind Think Feel Thrive is a lifestyle choice. It is for people who feel in their heart that it is not just enough to survive, but in fact our responsibility and purpose to Thrive! I welcome everyone to help share my vision of a happier and healthier, family and community.

Much love,


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Think Feel Thrive is a family-owned online supplements shop committed to providing our community with premium nutritional supplements sourced from the highest quality organic, natural, and cleanest ingredients from Australia and around the world. Our products are 100% pure and we ship them both across Australia and internationally. Our mission is to help you feel your best and thrive.