100% Diatomaceous Earth


Also known as Fossil Shell Flour, Diamateous Earth is a 100% Natural Australian product. This ancient product has amazing detoxification and health benefits. This is a top quality Food Grade product. Only consume Diatomaceous Earth if it has had this processing standard.

Diatomaceous Earth are the remains of ancient sedimentary algae fossils, referred to as Diatom. The particles are measured in micrometres and whilst it has an abrasive quality, it is still soft and powdery to touch.

  • Premium Quality Australian Product
  • Food Grade
  • All Natural
  • No Additives


100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour)
Made and Packaged in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients

What is so special about Silica

Silica is the second-most abundant element in nature after oxygen. In new life we have an abundance of silica that comes from the womb of the brand newborn baby. There is no calcium. Silica is taking in food and it is growing from its own source, all the other minerals, and it’s especially producing calcium. It works with all the minerals. Every year that we get older we accumulate more and more calcium, and we have less and less silica. All outside minerals that are coming from our diet and all minerals that are organically in the body are utilized to its maximum potential when the organism is in its high silica state, which is that of youth. The older we get and the more we burn out our silica reserves, and now the minerals are not going where they’re supposed to go, and this is especially critical with calcium. The older people get, the less silica they get, and now calcium does not working properly. It’s not going into the bones, it’s building up in places where it’s not supposed to be; like in the arteries and with kidney stones. Many people with advanced arthritis suffer from what appears to be bone deformation, when joints lose flexibility due to loss of collagen. Tendons and ligaments need silica and its’ biochemical by-products for health and flexibility as you get older.


The Benefits of Diatomateous Earth

  • Anti aging – supports reparative functions of the body
  • Internal cleansing, parasite control
  • Gentle detoxify your colon and lower GI tract from toxic debris
  • Stronger bones, connective tissue, teeth, hair, and nails
  • Help reduce a high cholesterol
  • Pest control in plants and animals
  • Controlling pests
  • Water Filtration

Recommended Usage

It can be bland and chalky so 1 tablespoon with 1 glass of water straight up if you are bold

If you need a different texture, you can put 1 tablespoon in a fruit or vegetable smoothie instead.

It is also popular for other uses including as a natural chemical free solution for pest control. Simply sprinkle where the pests are; on and around your plants or inside your house and in corners!

Another way to use it is to mix with clean water as a wash for your home grown vegetables and greens. For people who do not use pesticides, this is an excellent way to ensure bugs, grubs, slugs and all their eggs are effectively cleaned before preparation and cooking. 

Other Sources and Experts Include

Silica.org, Higher Health, and SilaLive Silica

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