Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grown and produced in Australia. This organic Olive Oil has an intense fruity flavour with a fresh, herbaceous aroma. It has incredible heath benefits and as an organic product, it is superb for the kitchen, on the table, as well as cosmetic and medicinal usage.

100% Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed from Australian grown Organic Olives.

Preservative Free, GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan


Certified Organic:

Bio-dynamic Research Institute


100% Australian Organic Olives


Shelf Life:
Up to 12 months, when stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight, in an airtight container (dark glass is the best).


What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin means the least refined type of olive oil. This ensures the health benefits are preserved and it retains the best flavour. Much has been made of a less than reputable olive oil industry overseas, however Australian olive oil producers are bound to strict guidelines on what makes an olive oil ‘extra virgin olive oil’. Data shows that Australian certified olive oil is the highest quality in Australia when it comes to freshness and quality.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is can be described by 3 key characteristics; fruitiness, bitterness & pungency.

Fruitiness: grass, nuts, apples, tomato, banana, stone fruit, tropical fruit, rocket & radicchio, are some of the fruity characteristics you may find.

Bitterness: tasted sharply at the side of the tongue, this describes the sometimes sharp bitter green flavour, present within most olive oils to varying degrees.

Pungency: The peppery bite that felt in the back of the throat that can sometimes induce a light cough.

The Benefits of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Published studies show that no other food comes close to Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.” Associate Professor Mary Flynn, Brown University.

The number of benefits of Olive Oil is vast, so brace yourself!

Cooking Benefits:

  • Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help retain – and in some instances increase – the number of nutrients and antioxidants in the cooked food that would otherwise be lost or damaged.

Health Benefits:

  • a rich source of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, both of which are thought to protective cardiovascular
  • Contains a number of active compounds that contribute to heart health, and lower risk of heart disease
  • Studies have shown Olive Oil to dramatically reduce the risk of stroke
  • May help improve insulin sensitivity, which can help protect against type 2 diabetes or to manage pre-existing diabetes
  • Emerging evidence links polyphenols and olive oil consumption to a reduced risk of bone loss in old age. More research required here.
  • Could potentially protect against some cancers, at least theoretically (lower risk of breast cancer and cancers of the digestive system due to the unique oleocanthal content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • Early research suggests that a diet high in Extra Virgin Olive Oil may inhibit the compounds responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Consistently shown that those who eat a diet rich in Extra Virgin Olive Oil tend to live longer.


Skin Care
Extra virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants, such as caffeic acid, polyphenolic compounds, flavones, and flavonols, as well as high levels of vitamin E, all of which can help to reduce oxidative stress and seek out free radicals in the body. By preventing their chronic inflammation, you can prevent a wide range of chronic diseases.

Anticancer Properties
A great deal of research has gone into the effects of extra virgin olive oil on cancerous growth in the body. As mentioned above, the high antioxidant content in this oil can seek out free radicals before they can cause cellular mutation, which is often the first step in the development of cancer (European Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2004). Oleocanthal is a compound in this oil that is known to rapidly cause cancer cell apoptosis.

Despite being high in fat, this oil is also linked to improving cholesterol balance, which is one of the major factors behind metabolic syndrome. Obesity often goes hand in hand with poor heart health and high blood pressure, so regular use of this oil can also help you slim down, far more than other cooking oils that are packed with saturated fats.

Immune System
Vitamin E is found in measurable levels within olive oil, and this antioxidant compound can do wonders for the immune system. In addition to the other antioxidants, this vitamin can help to lower the strain on your immune system and fight off pathogens and toxins as they accumulate in the body.

Research has found that olive oil has the power to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, making it a preferred cooking oil for those with diabetes.

The many volatile acids and antioxidant compounds in this oil may have a powerful impact on our cognitive health, particularly in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Again, this is related to eliminating free radicals before they can damage the neural pathways.


Recommended Serving

With a low smoke point it is fantastic for baking, frying, pan frying, grilling, with marinades as well as incorporating into your favourite recipes.

You can drizzle liberally on your veges, salads, and incorporate into your dips, dressings and spreads.


One tablespoon (13.5 grams) of olive oil contains the following:

Saturated fat: 14%
Monounsaturated fat: 73% (mostly oleic acid)
Vitamin E: 13% of the Daily Value (DV)
Vitamin K: 7% of the DV


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