The Think Feel Thrive Journey

Welcome to Think Feel Thrive ! I am excited to be sharing my knowledge. The valuable information I have gained and discovered, from experts around the world on Health, Holistic Living, Food, Nutrition, Mind and Spirit, have contributed immensely to my Families health and well being. I look forward to sharing  this information from my heart and hope this will help you gain vitality and health as a result of being apart of the Think feel Thrive Community!

My lifelong passion has always been food and I believe whole heartedly in the ancient wisdom “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and that your body in full health, has an innate ability to heal. With the birth of my two beautiful children I have really focused on finding the best food, and lifestyle for my family and the best ways to implement it, in this hectic modern world.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

My journey of discovery includes understanding the importance of organic food, understanding daily detoxification and how to cherish yourself and those around you through healthy living both internally and with in your environment.

It can be daunting with so much great scientific research available, but at Think Feel Thrive I will help make it more “digestible”. I will help make it easy to integrate this knowledge to upgrade your existing lifestyle.

I will share what protocols I do with my family in relation to our nutrition and health, and look forward to having you join our journey!  Cheers, Alexis